Exhibitions — August 31, 2021

Witho Worms at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The new collection presentation ‘Tomorrow is a Different Day. Collection 1980 – NOW’

Cette Montagne, C’est Moi by Witho Worms at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Tomorrow is a Different Day spotlights art and design from the collection, from 1980 to the present, by international artists and designers who are helping to shape the changes of today and tomorrow. They challenge the status quo and offer alternative perspectives. Witho Worms is part of this presentation with his book ‘Cette Montagne, C’est Moi’. This is an award-winning book, designed and published by Hans Gremmen.

In contrast to the previous installation at the Stedelijk, this new concept is built on a theme rather than chronology, and confronts us with a changing world. On the one hand, it wants to seduce the visitor, but also to make them think. Aesthetic questions often contain ethical questions as well.


The new collection presentation features works by artists and designers who are courageous, bold and hopeful. With interventions that are at times disturbing, and with heart-warming stories and inspiring perspectives, they invite us to see the changing world in a new way. Tomorrow is a Different Day teaches us to take a closer look at our society and is a chance for the Stedelijk to critically examine its own social position. Tomorrow everything will be different from today, and yesterday is different seen from the perspective of today. The Stedelijk’s collection of art and design always keeps us alert to the issues posed by constant change.
— Rein Wolfs, director Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


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