Exhibitions — November 24, 2022

Witho Worms at Het Fries Museum

As part of the exhibition Somebody’s Homeland, Somebody’s Goldmine

27 August, 2022 until 19 February, 2023

In Somebody’s Homeland, Somebody’s Goldmine, the theme of landscape is central. What is our relationship with our environment, on a local and global scale? The artists presented this exhibition show different artistic perspectives on the subject, from personal relationships with a specific place to political and technological reflections.

The works in this exhibition reflect on the relationship between people and the landscape, on human limitations and freedom. Sometimes the landscape even becomes part of the work of art. Witho Worms depicts immense mountains of coal that are both threatening and romantic at the same time. The landscape tells a different story to each of us. Grass field or beach, every piece of land, however ordinary, is someone’s native soil, someone’s goldmine. 

Witho Worms, Winderslag, Denain & Bruay-LaBuissiere. Carbon print

Het Fries Museum
Wilhelminaplein 92
8911 BS Leeuwarden

Tuesday—Sunday: 11 am—5 pm

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