Exhibitions — March 12, 2021

Video: studio visit with Jaya Pelupessy

This video is a part of our series of artist studio visits — to get updates on their newest work and insights into the creative process. We’ve teamed up with our artists to make these short films and show the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of their practice.


Jaya Pelupessy shows us around his studio and talks about the latest work-in-progress Manufactured Manual. This series hasn’t been shown before, and the technique used is Pelupessy’s own invention — a four-colour exposure on the aluminium silkscreen.

Jaya’s work evolves around the research into reproduction processes and techniques. He tries to slow down our visual consumption by making the process of reproduction visible within the work. For Manufactured Manual, Jaya is creating colour emulsions, exposed on top of each other to create multi-layered collages on the silkscreen.

On these silkscreens, he exposes collages made out of old photography instruction manuals that Pelupessy has been collecting for years. «I find it very interesting that in these books when you see example images that they use, it’s almost photography trying to explain itself.»

In this project, the silkscreen is not used to produce prints. Jaya Pelupessy transforms it into the medium of the artwork and uses it as an end result. Similar to how a photographer would use light-sensitive paper in the darkroom, Pelupessy uses aluminium silkscreens as canvases to make his work.

Just recently, in 2020, Jaya Pelupessy has been awarded K.F. Hein Stipendium, and later this year (2021) his work will be shown in a solo exhibition at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.