Exhibitions — July 13, 2022

Victoire Eouzan at ART-O-RAMA in Marseille

Group Exhibition heal

26 August, 2022 until 4 September, 2022

The new work of Victoire Eouzan from her Agaves Project will be on view as a part of ART-O-RAMA at Les Dock Village in Marseille. The group show heal, curated by Chloe Marchand, features the work of 15 international artists. Agaves Project is a series about agave plant that turns into a magnificent flowering tree in the last year of their life. A succulent species with strong, fleshy leaves that undergoes a complete transformation. Eouzan is collecting and documenting this plant before it dies once the bloom fades away. The exhibition is organised by DEBSAYSYES foundation.



ART-O-RAMA, created in 2007, is the first international art fair in the South of France and has been developing a new format that makes its uniqueness; each booth is considered as an exhibition space in which architectural specificities lie on the gallery’s curatorial proposition for our fair. The works of Victoire Eouzan will be featured in the curation of Chloe Marchand insisted by Debsaysyes foundation.


La Tour 3rd floor, La Cartonnerie, les Plateaux
Friche la Belle de Mai
41, rue jobin
13004 Marseille

Friday – Sunday : 2 pm – 8 pm

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