Exhibitions — June 8, 2021

The Multimedia Art Museum Moscow — Anastasia Samoylova

The project ‘FloodZone’ makes you take a sober look at things and think about responsibility. In this case about the responsibility of politicians and developers with their cheerful encouragement to settle in a ‘paradise’ that is defenseless before the natural elements. In a global sense, this is the responsibility of humanity to subsequent generations who may never see cities that have sunk underwater, animals and plants that have disappeared from the face of the earth due to global warming.
— Anna Zaytseva

After moving to Miami, Anastasia Samoylova began photographing the city and its surroundings. With these images the ‘FloodZone’ project began, as a visual exploration of the amazing paradoxes, contradictions and contrasts that abound in South Florida. In the pictures of Anastasia Samoylova, Miami looks like a studio set: sun-faded advertisement banners inviting you to the city of dreams, skyscrapers and shacks with mould-eaten façades, the abundant, lush vegetation with roots gnawing away at the city, bright contrasting colours of the land and houses, and water, water, water… ‘Although we are surrounded by the ocean, there is almost no ocean in the photos. The water in these pictures comes to the streets and flows through them, as if through the veins of the city. It penetrates the walls, penetrates all the surfaces,’ says the photographer.


Ulitsa Ostozhenka, 16
Moscow, Russia

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