Exhibitions — March 7, 2020

Tanja Engelberts in Group Exhibition “Ongetemd | Toekomstbeelden van mens en natuur” at Museum IJsselstein

Group exhibition Ongetemd | Toekomstbeelden van mens en natuur

7 March, 2020 until 30 August, 2020

Tanja Engelberts | Passing Cities, 2016 | UV-Print on steel

Tanja Engelberts (Netherlands, 1987) investigates the landscape through photography. And especially the relationship between people, the economy and nature. Photography does not remain a flat image for Tanja, she makes sculptures of it.

In the exhibition Untamed | Future images of man and nature Museum IJsselstein focused on this question: can nature be tamed?  Works by the participating artists shift your view and put the – often uncomfortable – interaction between people and their environment in a different perspective.

Culture and nature are regularly written about as two entities that are diametrically opposed to each other, especially in a country that has traditionally been raked in like the Netherlands. To this day, people try to influence, tame, restrict and bend nature to its will. But does nature allow that? She may never let herself be controlled entirely. Culture and nature are not opposites. Every human life is inextricably linked to both aspectsWhat does the (near) future look like? Untamed your gaze shifts from the inside outwhere humans are the instigators of climate change, but at the same time notice that not everything can be made equally.    

Museum IJsselstein (MIJ) invites you to walk around with an open mind, to be surprised and astonished. Start the conversation, immerse yourself in it and go home changed. Be inspired by the temporary exhibitions, which always focus on a current theme. Or take a look at the permanent display, which focuses on local history. Museum IJsselstein regularly uses satellite locations in its historic city center of IJsselstein for its exhibitions. Think of the sixteenth-century Castle Tower, the attic of the Historic Town Hall, De Waag, Coal2. and the Public Library.

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