Exhibitions — July 27, 2023

Tanja Engelberts at Nieuwe Instituut

Group exhibition Colonial Endurance: Detecting the Algorithm of Violence in Infrastructures

On view from 27 July until 8 October, 2023

Artists: Seline Baumgartner, Denise Bertschi, Tanja Engelberts, Camille Kaiser, Alexander Morozov, Mbene Mwambene, Yelena Popova, Flora Reznik, SashaPasha, Dana Savić, Makar Tereshin, Katerina Verba, Willimann/Arai

Curated by TOK (Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits).

The group exhibition Colonial Endurance. Detecting the Algorithm of Violence in Infrastructures, curated by TOK, explores mechanisms of exploitation, suppression and discrimination deeply rooted within infrastructural and architectural systems—both historically and in the present. The project focuses on built environments and industrial infrastructures that have been used to reinforce dependency and hierarchy between Western Europe and its colonies, as well as between Russia and the countries that used to be a part of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Additionally, it investigates how alternative principles of care, horizontality and knowledge exchange can be integrated into contemporary spatial and infrastructural policies.


Nieuwe Instituut

Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

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