Exhibitions — October 17, 2023

Tanja Engelberts at Maritiem Muzeeum Zeeland

Solo exhibition Goudzoekers op zee

On view from 10 June, 2023 until 30 May, 2024

The North Sea is home to hundreds of oil and gas drilling platforms, symbols of our relentless demand for fossil energy: the black gold. It is a world that is slowly disappearing; platforms are being sailed back to shore and scrapped. Their replacements can be seen from the coast: immense wind farms forming a new landscape at sea.

As an artist, Tanja Engelberts is fascinated by the offshore world in the North Sea. In recent years, she made many trips with maintenance vessels to the drilling platforms. She recorded her ‘expeditions’ on photo and film. The exhibition Goudzoekers provides a fascinating look at a world at sea that is unknown to many and – in time – disappearing.



Maritiem Muzeeum Zeeland

Nieuwendijk 11
4381 BV Vlissingen

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