Exhibitions — March 18, 2023

Satijn Panyigay at CAC Meymac

Group Exhibition Pays-Bas, l’autre pays des beaux-arts

On view from March 18, 2023 until June 18 2023

The Art Center had scheduled an exhibition in the spring of 2020 exploring the Dutch art scene. It had not been able to open because of the first Covid epidemic. The resumption of the project for the spring of 2023 is a way of closing this frustrating parenthesis and saluting the bond woven over the years by the many Dutch people who visit their region each year or who have settled in Limousin, Dordogne or Quercy. The exhibition is part of the Les Printemps de Haute-Corrèze festival .

“Pays-Bas, l’autre pays des beaux-arts”, exhibition at CAC Meymac, 2023 ©AurelienMole

This exhibition presents a set of works by around thirty Dutch artists and provides a panorama of contemporary creation in the Netherlands, at a given moment. Painting, sculpture, photography, video as well as an in- situ reveal the singularities of these artists, in the treatment of space and light.

“Pays-Bas, l’autre pays des beaux-arts”, exhibition at CAC Meymac, 2023 ©AurelienMole

Abbaye Saint André Centre d’art contemporain
Place du Bûcher
19250 Meymac, France


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