Exhibitions — October 4, 2023

Sarah Mei Herman at PhMuseum Days Bologna 2023 in Italy

Group exhibition PhMuseum Days 2023 International Photo Festival

On view from 22 September until 24 September and from 29 September until 1 October, 2023

PhMuseum Days 2023 is the third edition of the International Photography Festival curated by PhMuseum and presents 13 individual exhibits, 2 group exhibits – including the work of Sarah Mei Herman – and 1 group projection. The theme is I Don’t Know How To Respond To That, the answer that virtual assistants like Apple Siri give when they can’t find a solution to our questions. The exhibitions and activities explore the dialogue between humans and machines, seeking to understand how our relationship with technology and our ways of communicating evolve in a world characterized by continuous innovations.

Main location – Spazio Bianco, DumBO

Via Camillo Casarini 19
40131 Bologna

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