Exhibitions — April 17, 2021

Sarah Mei Herman at Museum Technische Sammlungen in Dresden

Hundreds of photographers from 47 countries submitted works on the subject of “TOGETHERNESS” for The PORTRAITS – Hellerau Photography Award. The 2021 exhibition with the works of the finalists, including Sarah Mei Herman, will open at Technische Sammlungen Dresden.

The opening of the exhibition is tied to the reopening of the museum and will be announced at a later date.

“My most extensive body of work is Julian and Jonathan: A series portraying the relationship between my father and my twenty-one years younger half brother. Since 2005 I have been photographing Jonathan alone or together with our father Julian. I am interested in the triangular relationship between the three of us, ” — says Sarah Mei about the nominated work.

Julian and Jonathan, February 2010

“The memories from my childhood of the relationship with my father, are now in a way mirrored in Jonathan.”

Jonathan, February 2010

“This work is very much about me, and this part of my family, as well as the relationship between a relatively older father and his son.”

“Jonathan is nineteen years old now and is going through a very difficult time since his mother passed away last year. He shows even less of himself than he did before and seems to detach himself from everything and everyone, even from Julian.”

Julian & Jonathan, November 2020

Technische Sammlungen Dresden – Museum of Science and Technology,
Junghansstraße 1-3, 01277 Dresden