Projects — February 10, 2018


A performance by Joseph Marzolla

an experimental multimedia study of anticipation

Friday February 23rd
Start performance: 6 PM

You are welcome from 5 PM onwards in Galerie Caroline O’Breen

The performance is part of the exhibition
The Artist Mind: Eight Artists Photograph Themselves



Let’s try to imagine a future new world where the notion of creation would be dissolved in time, space and color. Any form of art would have disappeared, no more memory, nothing. This world would come closer to the idea that one can have of eternity, or of a form of eternal present. Then we will speak of a timeless world, close to the esoteric aspirations of spirituality. Everything we know is constantly lost in oblivion and needs to be constantly rediscovered. Everything is immediate and literally assimilated into a complete receptivity. No longer need to connect with each other, our senses would be our only pillars and would suffice for our own lives. Through this immersive environment, I propose to become what we see, ie color, light, space, time and movement.

Joseph Marzolla is an artist for whom travel and encounters with singular personalities and with communities of little-referenced cultural practices are the motor of his creativity. His artistic practice is enriched by numerous collaborations and the regions he has explored.Resolutely eclectic and productive, he exercises different disciplines according to the necessities of the project and the contexts of exhibition: film, photographs, digital art, performances, costumes, music, installations, etc. But beyond this interdisciplinarity, the coherence of his work is situated much more in the extraordinary nature of the adventures he undertakes than their formal resolutions.
Joseph Marzolla is also a founding member of ZaZaZoZo, a tribal and folk musical pop performance project, in collaboration with artist Melanie Bonajo.

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