Exhibitions — June 25, 2023

Maura Biava at Arte Contemporanea Val di Noto

Group exhibition Experimentum Crucis

On view from 25 June until 31 December, 2023

In this exhibition, Maura Biava is showing her work Entanglements #04. The artist makes the performative aspect, often present in her work, visible through a simple action of her hands. She picks up a seed that has fallen from a tree. However, since Biava’s hands are dirty or rather covered by white porcelain, they do not appear only as the artist’s hands at work, as in Biava’s previous works, but they almost become a sculptural support for the seed. The hand, in this case, acts as a ‘pedestal’ for nature. Raising it above himself. With this gesture Biava wishes to bring the attention to nature, with the wish that one day nature may have its rights. And at the same time she exposes and brings to the light the geometry, the rhythm and the preciousness of a simple seed.

Arte Contemporanea Val di Noto

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 1
96017 Noto, Italy