Exhibitions — October 10, 2020

Matthieu Litt at the Nederlands Fotomuseum


The Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the Somfy Photography Award 2020 with new work by the nine nominated photographers

Installation shot of the presentation Oasis by Matthieu Litt


About the theme ‘Gimme Shelter’
The theme of the Somfy Photography Award 2020 is ‘Gimme Shelter’: ‘Shelter’ is an overarching, all-embracing, basic need for people and animals: protection, shelter, safety, and comfort. ‘Shelter’ is not just manifested in factories, offices, schools, houses, and hospitals, but also in the cardboard box of a homeless person, in a lovers’ embrace, in the mother who cherishes her child. Comfort, well-being, and sustainability are the three most important qualities that Somfy contributes to buildings. These terms represent both ‘The Art of Somfy’ and the most important requirements in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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Matthieu Litt
In the presented series Oasis, Matthieu Litt explores Ry-Ponet, a green space located around a stream running through the metropolitan area of the Belgian city of Liège. This green lung is a symbol of resistance and a place of refuge for both people and animals.


Full list of the presented artists: Roderik Henderson (NL), Géraldine Jeanjean (NL), Stephan Keppel (NL), Matthieu Litt (BE), Antoinette Nausikaä (NL), Martine Stig (BE), Dustin Thierry (NL), Maarten Tromp (NL), and Jordi Ruiz Cirera (ES).

The Somfy Photography Award (SPA) is a biennial international photography award that offers professional photographers the opportunity to create new work inspired by a predetermined theme.