Exhibitions — September 11, 2022

Bart Lunenburg at Kunsthal KAdE

Baksteen | Brick

10 September, 2022 until 8 January, 2023

Work of Bart Lunenburg is part of the he exhibition Baksteen | Brick at Kunsthal KAdE. The show pays tribute to this material with work by more than fifty artists, architects and designers from the Netherlands and abroad.

Brick is an ancient building material that occurs frequently in our environment for both the construction of walls and paving. In new and existing work the artists show the beauty and expressiveness of fired stone. Especially for the exhibition Bart Lunenburg did a residency at Buitenplaats Doornburgh where he researched the brick in relation to the technique of weaving.

Judith van Meeuwen, exhibition curator: ‘The appeal of brick walls is anchored in thousands of variations in size, shape, colour, texture and repetition. But it is also the intrinsic layering that makes the material unique. The same brick that gives someone a sense of security can serve as a weapon in an uprising.’


Eemplein 77, 3812 EA Amersfoort

Tuesday – Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm

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