Exhibitions — January 14, 2021

Jaya Pelupessy won K.F. Hein Stipendium 2020 & solo in Centraal Museum

Jaya Pelupessy has presented the K.F. with his research proposal “Manufactured Manual” and won Hein Stipendium 2020. The K.F. Hein Stipendium not only consists of a grant but also of a solo-exhibition in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht in a year.

The K.F. Hein Stipendium gives him the opportunity to develop a new photographic technique, approaching the traditional technique of screen printing in his own unique way. The screen printing frame, which is usually the tool for printing an image, becomes the work in the hands of Pelupessy. With different color layers, he creates images directly on the screen printing frame. The creation of the image thus becomes the subject.

This project is a build-up on Jaya’s previous works such as “Traces of the Familiar”, “The Studio Sculptures” and “Flatten Image”, in which he focuses on the process of reproduction of photography. For “Manufactured Manual”, he will use found images from the photo archive of the Centraal Museum –  images of the construction of exhibitions.