Exhibitions — December 17, 2020

Video: Huigen Leeflang X Laurence Aëgerter

Looking back at Dürer’s engravings 

A conversation between art historian Huigen Leeflang & artist Laurence Aëgerter. Part of the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend 2020 special events program

Video credits: Amsterdam Art x Stedelijk Museum LIVE

Huigen Leeflang is the curator of the prints department at the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Rijksmuseum owns the Rijksprentenkabinet, the largest collection of prints, drawings, and photographs in the Netherlands. In the conversation Huigen Leeflang, together with Laurence, has given a closer look at the contemporary works of Laurence, and with this background knowledge entered into a discussion about these.

During this conversation, Huigen Leeflang discusses the practice of Laurence Aërgerter in relation to medieval printing techniques, the meanings and origins of the diverse symbols and markings created during that period. The talk fluidly intersects with an examination of the more contemporary works of Aëgerter. Here, Huygen and Laurence come together for a rich and penetrating inquiry into the history and methodologies of print.

Aërgerter’s oeuvre comprises photographic series, artist books, multiples, site-specific installations, textile works, and community projects, making inventive use of archives and existing images from illustrated books to museum collections. Her practice is both transcultural and transhistorical, reflecting on the meaning of the image in relation to identity and collective memory.