Exhibitions — July 3, 2020

Hans Bol at Museum IJsselstein

Empathie | Geen mens is een eiland

03.07.20 – 31.01.21

Empathie | Geen mens is een eiland is a photo-exhibition at Museum IJsselstein, executed in several phases on different (also outdoor) locations.

The first phase of this exhibition, featuring the work of Hans Bol, is an intimate photo exhibition –  on view from 3 July 2020 in the Castle Tower (IJsselsteinse Kasteeltoren). One of the Netherlands’ most famous portrait photographers, Koos Breukel, compiled this exhibition for Museum IJsselstein from the photography of six colleagues and from his own work.

In September the show extends to the museum itself and to the various outdoor locations. The exhibition can be seen in its entirety from the 19th of September.

Hans Bol for Empathie | Geen mens is een eiland, installation view

We live in a time of strong individualism. A time when the malleability of our human existence seems within our reach. Our society is focused on the development of ‘the self’ – think of the blessing of social media and self-help books that cannot be dragged around. Success is feasible and can mainly be found internally. Dig deep into yourself and you will get to know yourself. As Plato said, “The essence of all knowledge is self-knowledge.” We are convinced that the way to happiness is the way of self-development. The ‘us versus the other’ seems to be the basis of our existence.

But humans are social beings. We have the special ability to empathize with the emotions of others. We are also who we are through the presence of the other. We also need the other for our survival. ‘Social and selfless behavior is at least as important as’ the right of the fittest.’ (Frans de Waal, A Time for Empathy)

Artists: Hans Bol, Koos Breukel, Paul Cupido, Cuny Janssen, Hans de Kort, Annaleen Louwes, and Dustin Thierry.



Wednesday – Sunday 1-5 pm

Walkade 2-4, IJsselstein