Exhibitions — March 25, 2022

Hagar Schuringa at Kunstpodium T

Group Exhibition Tuesday Path, Apprentice Master #3

25 March, 2022 until 10 April, 2022

In this third edition, four talented young artists are paired with an experienced contemporary artist. Together they create new work and their own exhibition. This exhibition was created by Apprentices Hagar Schuringa, Annelotte Lammertse, Miriam Hup and Hussel Zhu under the direction of the Master Dorien de Wit.

Tuesday path is a conversation in four rooms between five artists and aims to reveal, observe, map and listen. For three weeks, the exhibition is in constant motion and new characters come into play. Where are the boundaries of the landscape? What are the layers of colors and the different plants, the sounds of the environment? Have we seen the hare before? Is it a snail in the hedge? By following a line of questions and doubts, of endless beginnings and of replacing words with walks, it continues. A place is created by being there, a thought is created by thinking. A path is created by walking.

Kunstpodium T is an art platform based in Tilburg that initiates encounters between artists by means of experiment, exchange and community-based practice. Emerging artists exhibit, reside or work at Kunstpodium T in several projects. The diverse programming marks urgent and experimental art forms with a focus on process and experiment.

Kunstpodium T
Noordstraat 105
5038 EH Tilburg, The Netherlands


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