Snd Hazenstraat Biennale

Margaret Lansink

June 26 - August 15
Presentation of Hariban Award 2019 - Borders of Nothingness, On the mend

We are delighted to announce the second edition of the Hazenstraat Biennale, a collaboration of 5 galleries located in the Hazenstraat: Althuis Hofland, Wouter van Leeuwen, Caroline O’Breen, Stigter van Doesburg and Martin van Zomeren.

While galleries are being forced to redefine their programming and transform promotional strategies to deal with the nowadays complexities, we want to join our forces and organize two weekends of group and solo shows and give our public the opportunity to visit the galleries one by one. With this small-scale event and the spreading out of our openings, we can manage the influx of our visitors and avoid crowded venues, while we celebrate the beginning of summer and a new outlook on art.

This biennale brings together different responses of contemporary artists to these current times. Themes such as local versus global and nomadic versus domesticity are addressed in the shows.

Althuis Hofland
Cabinets of works on paper
Isheanesu Dondo, Tanja Ritterbex, Jasper Hagenaar  David Noro, Bart Kok, a.o.

Wouter van Leeuwen
Gerry Johansson Book Market: Special Editions and Rare Books

Caroline O’Breen
Margaret Lansink
presentation of Hariban Award 2019

Stigter van Doesburg
Artichoke for dinner – Dina Danish, Josefin Arnell, Maaike
Schoorel, Kevin Brey, Thijs Kauffmann, Feiko Becker, Lucas Lenglet, Irene Fortuyn, Daniel van Straalen

Martin van Zomeren
The Populist
Guillaume Bijl, Annelise Coste, Int. fish-handel Servaas & Zn,  Reinier Lucassen, Ricardo Passaporte, Bertjan Pot, Felix Schiffman, Dennis Tyfus, Sander Wassink, Robbert Weide

During the summer months of the Biennale the galleries will have adapted opening hours

Friday – Saturday 12 – 18 pm.

Margaret Lansink

Presentation of Hariban Award 2019 – Borders of Nothingness, On the mend

Margaret Lansink’s series Borders of Nothingness – On the Mend is about bridging the old with the new, re-connecting the global and local, and, on the personal note, about the revival of the intimate mother-daughter relationship. In 2019, this series was awarded the internationally prestigious Hariban Award from the Japanese Benrido Atelier, which remains to be one of the very last ateliers in the world that still uses the old printing technology of Collotype. Collotype is a printing process back from 1856 that allows for exceptional depth and degree of detail in the image.
In addition to a two-week residency in Kyoto, part of this prize is the execution of the artist’s prints by Master printer Osamu Yamamoto of Benrido Atelier. Thanks to the 40 years of experience of this ‘print master’, Lansink’s contemporary images of human (re-)connection are linked to unique old-school reproductions of unprecedented quality.

The series as such is an ode to the resilience of the human connection despite what might occur in time. Whilst being in the artist residence in Japan, Lansink used her camera to cope with the suspended contact with her daughter back home. After some years, when it got to be slowly restored, Lansink looked back at those images, ripped them apart and rearranged them in collages of new memories. These collages she reworked with gold leaf following the philosophy of Kintsugi, a Japanese art form in which broken ceramic pieces are reconnected together with the use of gold. Not to hide the ‘scars’, but to symbolize the power of healing.

Caroline O’Breen is exhibiting 4 of the Benrido collotypes for the first time. Complemented by the original images and gold-leaf collages, this exhibition is a celebration of the human connection.


Precaution measures
The Hazenstraat Biennale has taken additional cautionary measures in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch government
• A limited number of visitors is possible at a time in each gallery
• We respect the rule of 1,5 m distance from each other
• There is a disinfectant for your hands in the gallery
• The galleries will be thoroughly cleaned each day.