Exhibitions — December 10, 2022

Elisa Strinna at RADIUS CCA

As part of the exhibition Calm Before The Storm 

10 December, 2022 until 12 February, 2023

The eight artists in this group exhibition provide insight into the need for preservation and shelter when living environments become progressively volatile and unpredictable. How can humanity implement science, technology, creativity and ingenuity to resist ecological breakdown? And, how can artistic and design practices propose ways of living in the Anthropocene, in consideration of all living organisms on Earth?

The Antarctic Gardener, 2022, video & The Galactic Garden. 0 gravity experiments on mushrooms, 2022, sculpture

Inspired by recent research on bio-regenerative technologies and the global pandemic, The Antarctic Gardener by Elisa Strinna is a story of human and plant confinement and survival in the extreme environment of Antarctica. In a time where biotechnology develops rapidly to cope with upcoming ecological disruptions, Strinna speculates on artificial ecosystems that will be necessary to survive possible futures.

The Galactic Garden. 0 gravity experiments on mushrooms, 2022

The Antarctic Gardener is part of Strinna’s research project People will miss the Earth, in which she studies attempts to artificially reproduce the Earth’s ecosphere to prepare for an upcoming ecological catastrophe. Starting from the transformation of Earth’s atmosphere, temperature, topography and ecologies through biotechnology – mainly through greenhouse infrastructures – the artist opens a reflection on the future of humanity and the models of living together with more-than-human entities in more sustainable ways. With her film installation, Strinna considers our ability to imagine life in compromised future ecology is changing as a result of biotechnology.

The Antarctic Gardener, 2022. Video, 24 min

RADIUS is a center for contemporary art and ecology. Located in the city of Delft and stationed in the pump house and water basin belonging to the Delft water tower, a historical monument and architectural landmark. With five hundred square meters of subterranean exhibition space, their program is dedicated to the intersection of art, science and ecology. The name RADIUS is based on the circular geometry of our exhibition space. In a more poetic sense, the radius of each circle in their program serves to jointly develop a more grounded understanding of our shared living environment.

RADIUS Center for Contemporary Art and Ecology
Kalverbos 20
2611 XW Delft

Tuesday—Sunday: 11 am—5 pm

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