Satijn Panyigay — VOID

To be published and launched in September 2023. Now available for pre-order. Hardcover flatbook, 21,2 x 32 cm
Published by Hartmann Books, 2023
76 pages | 39 images | 14 foldouts
Laser cut cover, full-colour images
Design by -SYB-

€ 68,00 + shipping


Minimalist photography holds a captivating allure, embracing simplicity and seeking solace within the understated. In line with philosopher Blaise Pascal’s notion that “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone”, the minimalist work of Dutch-Hungarian photographer Satijn Panyigay challenges the power of solitude. Her first published artist book VOID brings together the work of the past years.

Captured mainly across empty museum spaces and depots, it is a dialogue between emphasized tranquility and rhythmic architectural abstraction. The photographs are marked by Panyigay’s consistent analog approach and her choice of a subdued color palette. The radical layout concept for VOID by Dutch book designer -SYB- creates an intimate viewing experience by using multidirectional foldouts in an order moving from dark to light images.

Satijn Panyigay — VOID