Matthieu Litt — Tidal Horizon

Through this book entitled Tidal Horizon, photographer Matthieu Litt shows a selection of pictures taken during his recent artist residency in Norway. At the core of this work, the perpetual motion of the universal tidal phenomenon brings the photograph to question himself about the dialogue between man and nature and immerses himself in a broader reflection around the notion of “sublime”.

Tidal Horizon, 2018

print-run 200 copies
hardcover, thread bound, digital printing
25 x 20.5 cm, 128 pages
ISBN 978­2­930754­18­5

€ 34,- + shipping




“Our awareness of patterns in nature, like those of the seasons and the tides, is ancient, but the way that we have negatively affected those cycles, though disputed in some quarters, is a more recent development, and one that appears increasingly hard to ignore. Matthieu Litt’s Tidal Horizon is, in the first instance, a consideration of one particular cyclical process, made obvious by the title of the work, and, in the larger sense, it addresses the human relationship with nature. However, Litt’s approach eschews the documentary in favor of a refined visual and metaphorical vocabulary, giving us new ways to see these cycles, along with new ways to think about what our place in the natural order might ultimately be. He suggests the circularity of these patterns both in the structure of the book overall, and also in terms of what he has photographed, motifs that evoke reoccurrence and closure. However, they also indicate a kind of disturbance, perhaps calling the stability of these natural patterns into question.”

— Darren Campion

Matthieu Litt — Tidal Horizon