Miho Kajioka — Tanzaku book

‘Tanzaku’ is Miho Kajioka’s latest book. Self-published, fully handmade and numbered.

Wooden box with three Tanzaku-size leporello books.
Completely handmade by artisans together with Miho.

Publisher: self-published
Dimensions: 3 x 8.5 by 37.3 cm
Pages: 3 x 22
First edition: 100 copies,

€ 888,– + shipping

Miho Kajioka:

“‘You should try to make a Tanzaku sized print’, a Japanese architect told me. Tanzaku are small vertical poem cards that originated from the 14th century. In Japan, there are certain dimensional standards for many things, such as kimono, tatami mat, kakejiku (hanging scrolls) and many things in Japanese architecture. It will not work if they are a bit bigger or smaller. Those dimensions makes things perfectly beautiful and that is why those dimensions stay as they are for hundreds of years. The Tanzaku size is one of them, and I think it is because this size has some kind of magical effect to make things look perfectly beautiful. And so the architect explained, and told me that my pictures would look best in this size. I tried and he was right.”

The book consists of 3 leporello books with images on both sides that can also serve as art objects. They come in a kiri wooden box, made by artisans.

Miho Kajioka — Tanzaku book