Sarah Mei Herman — Still life, Tivon

To bring some positivity in these difficult times of Corona the gallery is temporarily offering very attractive special editions for only € 150,- including VAT and shipping. Now we also offer the work including a frame.
You receive a photograph for a unique price. In this way you support the artist and the gallery, so that we can continue to create our projects, artworks and exhibitions. In the following weeks you will receive a different artwork of one of our artists offered as a special edition each week. Below we present a work of Sarah Mei Herman.

‘Still life, Tivon’
2019, special edition

digital C-print on Luster
28 x 21 cm
signed / numbered in verso
edition: 30
€ 150,-
framed € 235,-


Framed in nut wood fineer on aluminium with museum glass (see example below).

In 2016, Sarah found a box of photos taken by her grandfather Mordechai, who ran a photography studio in Kaunas, Lithuania, before the Second World War. The studio was called Foto Germano, Lithuanian for Herman, and specialised in family portraits. This discovery served as an inspiration for Sarah’s own research into the history of the Germano family – she recognised the similarities between her and her grandfather’s photographic work in composition, still faces and subduing looks. As a part of this investigation, Herman visited Tonia Levin (1925-2019), the last living family member who had personal memories of the photo studio.

‘Central for the series ‘Germano’ are Tonia Levin’s memories and her life story. Tonia was the daughter of my grandfather’s eldest brother, and the last living holocaust survivor in my family. This is an ode to Tonia and the strength with which she rebuilt her life after the war. I visited Tonia several times during the last years of her life and we became very close. This photograph was taken through the window from inside Tonia’s living room.’

The original photograph is currently on view as a part of the exhibition ‘Germano’ at the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam until 30 August 2020. For more information about the exhibition, click here. 

Sarah Mei Herman — Still life, Tivon