Maura Biava — Star #08

Star #08, 2021
Special Edition from Maura Biava‘s artist residency at IBB in Curaçao
Digital print on Canson Baryta paper
Framed in nutwood veneer on aluminium with museum glass
28 x 35 cm
Limited edition of 20
Signed / numbered in verso

€ 300,- unframed
€ 425,- framed in nut wood veneer



The work of Maura Biava is inspired by the hidden laws of nature. This special edition Star #08 is part of a body of work that she has developed in a (pandemic-interrupted) artist residency at IBB in Curaçao. From 24 September until 14 November 2021, the project is on view at Museum Beelden aan Zee in The Hague. With this series, Biava elaborates on the mathematical formulas that determine the shape of many of the primordial life forms on Earth. Such as starfish or star anemones — the creatures informed by the star’s mathematical formulas.

The regular shapes of the organic world originate according to certain rules, information, and energy. Biava is constantly looking for ways to create her work according to those principles. During the last decade, she has been working with analytical geometry and mathematics to create, understand and work with shapes. According to the artist, it is the interaction between information, matter, and energy that assembles our reality. To show this interaction in her work, Maura uses clay as matter, mathematics and numbers as information, and her performative actions as energy.

“This cerebral mathematical and philosophical exploration of the star shape translates into an organic landscape, where my work and the material I’m working with relate to the foam of the waves and the landscape it emerged in. The image combines my hands and the sculpture that I’ve been creating, and therefore includes an element of performance in the work. I try to portray the energy that I bring into the work while creating it.” — Maura Biava

Maura Biava — Star #08