Arjan de Nooy — Photology

Paperback, 24 x 16 cm
Published by Blind Finch Books, 2023
320 pages, images in full colour & black and white
Design by Jeremy Jansen
Language: English

€ 35,00 + shipping


Inspired by the work of the Czech philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920-1991), who thought photography fundamentally changed the way the world is seen, Arjan de Nooy puts forward his own view on photography in 20 propositions. These are the opening moves of Photology, from which the book was developed. Photology is a photobook about photography played by the author.

The title refers both to the study of the medium as well as to the logic of photography games. Using found photographs, postcards, online images and photo simulations, De Nooy constructs an overview of photography. He organized the book by topical categories like history, chance, style, information, genres (such as portrait), and photography theorists, without aiming at objectivity or completeness. Each category is explored from De Nooy’s individual perspective and treated in a distinctive, sometimes whimsical, manner.

Arjan de Nooy — Photology