Tara Fallaux — Perfect Pearl

Self-published, 2022
Softcover, 28 x 18,5 cm
Images in full colour | 80 photographs | 60 pages
250 copies | Signed & numbered
Design by Eva van der Schans / In Edition | Printed by Die Keure, Brugge

€ 40,00 + shipping


In the book Perfect Pearl by Tara Fallaux the different layers of online and offline, inner and outer world and dream versus reality are expressed through a special folding technique. The intimate inner world is hidden behind the fold of the book. The foreword was written by the Chinese curator Yining He. The photos in the book are from Tara’s project Perfect Pearl which began during her residency in in Xiamen, China. A poetic multimedia project about chasing love and the friction between dream and hard reality. The artist investigates how young Chinese women reconcile the intimate and contemporary dimensions of love with the engrained traditions. The images are accompanied by personal intimate WeChat moments that have been made anonymously.

In 2022, Perfect Pearl was shortlisted for Prix du Livre in Rencontres D’Arles and on display at Espace Van Gogh as well as the Technische Sammlungen Museum in Dresden as part of the Hellerau Photography Award.

Tara Fallaux — Perfect Pearl