Maura Biava — Form Informed

Maura Biava employs analytics geometry to achieve her artistic ends. Working with mathematician who translates equations into graphic representations, she searches for form that resonate or evoke specific emotional or pneumonic responses. She then names that form, combines that form with others to produce concrete, semantic/poetic objects, drawings, photographs and installations. Artists have long been attracted to the hidden geometries in nature. Biava starts with the geometries and generates strange, new and compelling natural forms.

60 pages | 29 x 20 cm
Images in full-colour | Munken Lynx Rough 150 gr paper | Text in English
Published by Konnotation Press | Edition of 100
Made i.c.w. Mathematician Annamaria Ricotti with assistance of Lars Haringa


Only 1  Special Edition left €400 (book + 4 prints )


With this publication artist Biava brings together 30 mathematical formulas of European mathematicians from the 17th to the 19th century such as Newton, Pascal, Cartesio, and Bernoulli. Using a mathematic program for computers and with the help of math expert Annamaria Ricotti, Maura Biava combines various 2-dimensional mathematic formulas, thus obtaining formulas with a 3-D representation. The graphic representations of these formulas become new bi-dimensional figures. The publication will be a printing-experiment in its own: creating the artworks by printing them in two overlaying colors on a Riso printer. Published by Konnotation and designed by the Dutch design bureau Meeusontwerpt. Foreword by the artist Dike Blair.

Maura Biava — Form Informed