Tanja Engelberts — Forgotten seas

Tanja Engelberts investigates the duality between the romantic landscape and its economic reality in today’s world, and how this landscape is being exhausted and robbed of its natural resources. Forgotten seas is about the changing North Sea landscape of oil and gas platforms that are disappearing.

Forgotten seas (II) | 2020

Digital print, resin, bubond, hanging system

12 x 12 x 1 cm

Edition 5 + 2 AP

€ 500,- | including VAT



Captured in resin, a by-product of petroleum industry, this photograph becomes tangible: it gains three-dimensionality and nearly transforms into a sculpture. Resin is obtained from the cracking of natural gas liquids, gas oil, or petroleum. By using this material, Engelberts brings together the subject and the object of her research on the North Sea.

In the natural world, resin is produced by trees in order to close off their wounds and heal injuries. Perhaps this work has something healing to it too.

Tanja Engelberts — Forgotten seas