Witho Worms — Fantastik Fangst, 2021

Limited edition of 250, signed and numbered
160 pages printed in quad tone black, black, gray, and silver + varnish on 170 grs Arctic Volume White
Sewn and bound a half-leather binding with foil stamping
Limited edition print: 250 grs Arctic High White paper
Comes in a black foil stamped slipcase
19,5 x 33 cm

€ 180,-

This publication is made up of one negative and its fragmented reproductions. The 139 cut-outs are complemented by a number of highly enlarged details. Even though no page is the same, overall the book’s pages show the negative in full six times. The seventh is the print of the entire negative that comes as a limited edition, signed and numbered, accompanying the book.


The subjects of the photograph are the heads of Norwegian cod called Skrei, who reside in the Barents Sea. Once a year, these fish swim to the sea near the Lofoten, an archipelago close to the Norwegian coast, northwest of Bodø. At the end of January, millions of fish return after traveling 500 miles to spawn on their native soil.

Witho Worms — Fantastik Fangst, 2021