Diana Scherer — Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication # 23

limited edition of 30 for € 150,-

To bring some positivity in these difficult times of Corona the gallery is temporary offering very attractive special editions for only € 150,- including VAT and shipping in the Netherlands.

You receive a beautiful photograph for a unique price. In this way you support the artist and the gallery, so that we can continue to create beautiful projects, artworks and exhibitions in the upcoming period. In the following weeks you will receive each week a different artwork of one of our artists of the gallery offered as a special edition.

Diana Scherer
Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication#23, 2019
Photography, fine art print / plantrootweaving
20 x 20 cm
Framesize: 32 x 26 cm
Edition 30
signed/numbered in verso
€ 150,- incl VAT and shipping in NL


Current safely precautions mean that shipping to some foreign countries might take longer than usual.

Diana Scherer — Exercises in Rootsystem Domestication # 23