Anouk Kruithof — Be Like Water

Monograph of 504 pages
Published by Mousse, 2023
Softcover, 33,5 x 23,8 cm
Images in full colour & black and white
Design: Roosje Klap
Text: Anouk Kruithof, Mathilde Roman, Lucia Tkáčová, and Francesco Zanot
Edition 1200

€ 50,00 + shipping


Be Like Water brings together for the first time a large selection of artworks made by Anouk Kruithof over twenty years (2002–23). Exploring and re-imaging photography and sculpture, Kruithof has placed the interaction, collaboration and relationship between people and their (natural and/or technological) surroundings at the core of her practice to create liberating and disturbing artworks. Be Like Water is both textual and visual, enriched with the purpose of focusing in on her work and the fluidity of her practice. This volume is a retro-perspective; by combining and mixing works in an anti-chronological and anti-thematic way, Kruithof presents a newly evolved narrative that interweaves complexity and multiplicity with fun and play, and at the same time leaves room for a critical reinterpretation.

Anouk Kruithof — Be Like Water