Exhibitions — November 25, 2020

Diana Scherer at Capital C for the first KunstKoop exhibition

Koop dit of dit of dit

25 November 2020 — 15 January 2021


During the Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend, a KunstKoop exhibition has opened its doors at Capital C for the first time. Called ‘Koop dit of dit of dit’ (‘Buy this it this or this’), it presents a versatile range of works of art that can be purchased at a democratic monthly cost through a loan with no interest with the KunstKoop scheme of the Mondriaan Fund. The works have been selected by curator Ellis Kat from galleries that participate in both Amsterdam Art and KunstKoop.

Diana Scherer, Hyper Rhizome #8 from the series Excercises in Rootsystem Domestication, 2020. Plantroot growing textile in perspex frame, 50 x 40 cm

In her artistic practice, Diana Scherer depicts the will of man to cherish nature and at the same time the tendency to manipulate nature. She is fascinated by the roots of plants and her work brings underground growth processes to the surface. Scherer has developed a technique with which the root structure of a plant can be influenced. The natural network of plant roots appears to change into artificial textile yarn in Exercises in Root System Domestication.

Capital C

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