Victoire Eouzan

Victoire Eouzan (b. 1992, Marseille) is a French photographer based in Amsterdam, working between Amsterdam and Marseille. She has graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (2019) and the Arts Décoratifs in Paris (2020), obtaining a double degree. Victoire Eouzan was selected as Haute Talent 2020, which included a presentation at the Haute Photographie Fair in Rotterdam in February 2020. The same year, she was awarded Fresh Eyes Talent and GUP New TaIent awards. In 2017, she was chosen for European Photography Awards. Eouzan’s work has been exhibited in the Netherlands, France, and Italy. In 2021, Victoire Eouzan is being presented at Galerie Caroline O’Breen for the first time in the group show Ici, le temps s’étire. The name of the exhibition is borrowed from the title of one of Victoire’s works from the presented series Cette Vue Que Je N’aurai Plus.

Victoire Eouzan uses photography to turn the places she passes through into the subjects for contemplation. Transforming personal experiences into images, Victoire employs events of her private life to feed her artistic work. She investigates the power of images to trigger memories or provoke an altered interpretation of the visual — and thus creates her own image archeology. In her work, Victoire explores the idea of making images suggest more than what they are. To question the connotations, Eouzan links techniques from different fields, such as mixing old photographic or printing techniques with new technologies. By combining images or layering short poems onto them, she delves into the relationship between depiction and its meaning.

Cette Vue Que Je N’aurai Plus
In her latest series, Cette Vue Que Je N’aurai Plus (This view that I’d no longer have), Eouzan turns her lens towards her relationship to time and, particularly, to the present. This is manifested in the sites and places she visits, those that incite her to contemplate. She always maintains a physical connection with these places and travels to the sea, or hikes through the mountains. This physical investigation forces her into an encounter with the space and its activities; here, she grapples with the present moment. In this project, Eouzan captures snippets of daily life, playing around with the idea that they eventually are to become memories. By placing texts over the images, a technique employed for the presented series, the artist establishes a dialogue between the mental picture created by the text and the actual printed image. With this, she investigates what images suggest and what emotions they trigger. In Cette Vue Que Je N’aurai Plus, memories, especially unintended and fragmented ones, are a focus of Eouzan’s attention. 

When the Mountain Took the Place of my Father
Eouzan’s graduation project, When the Mountain Took the Place of my Father, is a homage to her father through this personification as the mountains which she makes “portraits” of. This way, by the means of photography, Eouzan keeps the memory of her father alive. “To me, these mountains are monuments standing in front of us, gradually becoming the portrait of my father who, in a certain way, would never disappear,” comments Victoire. In 2019, Eouzan self-published her first photo book on the project When the Mountain Took the Place of my Father.

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