Tara Fallaux

Tara Fallaux (1972, NL) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. She mainly works on long-term investigative and narrative projects involving photography, film and sound. Tara studied visual arts at the Netherlands Film Academy and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, as well as at the Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Tara is known as a director of award-winning documentary films Over The Rainbow and Love Letters. In 2022, her solo exhibition The Love Line consisting of a film and sound installation was shown at The Dutch National Portrait Studio and her film installation with photography Mobile Home was shown at BIG ART Amsterdam. The work of Fallaux has been shown internationally at festivals and museums, a.o. Hot Docs Toronto, Rencontres D’Arles, IDFA, Fotofestival Naarden, Guernsey Photography Festival, Technische Sammlungen Museum Dresden, NYC Independent Film Festival, Lincoln Center and the Melkweg Gallery.

Perfect Pearl
Fallaux’s series Perfect Pearl, initiated at the artist residency in Xiamen, China, is a poetic multimedia project. It revolves around ‘the concept of love’ seen from a female perspective and the friction between dream and hard reality. Fallaux places her subjects in the context of the living environment, Chinese urban life. The artist investigates how young Chinese women reconcile the intimate and contemporary dimensions of love with the engrained traditions. Tara Fallaux created a powerfully intimate film I Write This Letter In Bed about Rocy, a lonely young woman in China, and how she reckons with her doubts and insecurities around the concepts of love and marriage. Perfect Pearl, the book of the project, was published in April 2022. The film I Write This Letter In Bed will have its premiere during the exhibition in February at Galerie Caroline O’Breen. In 2022, Perfect Pearl was shortlisted for Prix du Livre in Rencontres D’Arles and on display at Espace Van Gogh as well as the Technische Sammlungen Museum in Dresden as part of the Hellerau Photography award.

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