Tanja Engelberts

Tanja Engelberts (b. 1987, Deventer) lives and works in The Hague (The Netherlands). She graduated from a master fine art at Chelsea College of Art & Design after studying sculpture and monumental arts in both the Netherlands and Japan.

Since January 2019, Tanja is doing a two-year residency at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

Her works are included in the collections (a.o.) of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek (NL), Clifford Chance (UK), Nationale Nederlanden (NL) and the Ucross Foundation (USA).
At the core of her artistic practice is the perception of landscape through photography and materiality. How do you show the experience of a landscape, and the many layers like history, economics and culture that make up a place? She is always looking for ways to explore these questions.

Petroleum Borealis
In Petroleum Borealis, Tanja Engelberts captures the tragic result of the fossil fuel industry. She took aerial shots above the boreal forest, the tar sand industry, and photos of an abandoned tar sand mine depicting the wild landscape torn by human ingenuity. She uses actual tar sand to print various images. The texture hereof stands as a tangible memento for a landscape lost by destruction. Some of these prints have the sand scraped off, leaving only a ghostly trace of a landscape. Other prints are produced with the dull black carbon of petro coke: a heavy residue from the oil refining process.

Bozeman’s Curse
For her series Bozeman’s Curse, exhibited in the namesake exhibition, Engelberts spent a month as artist-in-residence at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming (USA). Click here for more information about Bozeman’s Curse.

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