misha de ridder

misha de ridder (NL, 1971) is a visual artist making conceptual photo and video work concerned with perception. His quiet images evoke contemplation and intimacy, invite viewers to look anew at what we consider known and to rethink our surroundings. According to misha de ridder, reality is an act of deep imagination.

misha de ridder graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands. His work has been widely exhibited internationally at institutions such as a.o. Coda Museum, Foam Photography Museum, Museum of the City of New York, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and many others. de ridder’s work has been acquired by both private and major public collections a.o. the Amsterdam City Archives, Foam Photography Museum, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Museum Voorlinden, Oude Kerk, Asheville Art Museum (USA), AkzoNobel, Amsterdam UMC, KPMG. de ridder published seven monographs: Sightseeing (De Balie 2000), Wilderness (Artimo 2003), Abendsonne (Schaden 2011), Dune (Lavalette 2011), Solstice (Native 2012), Falaise (Roma 2016), and high up close by (Roma 2019).

generative by nature
misha de ridder is fascinated by natural systems that act self-organising and independent. Organisms found in nature represent a wide variety of new formal solutions far beyond the imagination of even the most prolific human beings. Each of these unique organisms is also uniquely adapted to the functional requirements of its environment. Nature can produce an endless variety of forms that are both new and high performing, ever different, ever changing. To capture these ideas, in the spring of 2021, misha de ridder photographed the colours shifting in the landscape of the Stille Kern (silent core), a rewilded area in an artificial forest in a polder in the Netherlands, from yellow-brown at the end of winter to bright fresh green in spring. generative by nature was originally launched as a website where during three months each of the 36 photos from the project appeared one by one, eventually minted on the Tezos blockchain. generative by nature captures the story of the coming of spring of 2021 archived on the blockchain for eternity.

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