Margaret Lansink

Margaret Lansink is a fine art photographer who graduated the PhotoAcademy Amsterdam in 2012. She studied at LeMasterclass Paris in 2016 and participates this year at the Masterclass of Smedsby Atelier, also in Paris. The works of Margaret have been awarded with the Hariban Award 2019 and  Head On 2020. Lansink participates in group exhibitions, residencies and competitions in The Netherlands and abroad. Her work has been shown in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Den Helder, Antwerp, Arles, UK, New York, Vancouver, Japan, Tbilisi, Kaunas and Barcelona. In 2016 she has been rewarded with an AIR with the Kaunas Gallery in Lithuania (November 2016) and with Shiro Oni Studio in Japan (August 2017); both for her project The Kindness of One. She has published four books and two more books will be launched in 2020. Margaret is a member of FemmesPHOTOgraphes Paris and a member/founder of iwi_collective.

Margaret Lansink uses photography to bridge the personal and universal. Who we are is often determined by our social environment and (family) history. How we build our self-esteem, often determines how we look to the outside world and how we react to the other. In her work, Lansink explores these relationships. The way she photographs is purely intuitive; her images present an open and honest reflection of her own inner emotions at a certain time, space and interaction. Shot as self-portraits in the broadest sense of the word.

With this intuitive way of photography, she invites the spectator to embark on a journey through their own intricate web of memories, emotions, expectations, fears and desires. Margaret uses analogue cameras to capture the different atmospheres of her inner emotions. Giving the images the freedom to act as an overflow from reality to dream and vice versa. More and more she experiments with her images, with paint, gold leaf, charcoal as well as with liquid light in the darkroom.

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