Emily Joyce

Emily Joyce was invited by Maura Biava to participate in the exhibition Nature * PatternsMaura Biava invited several artists to elaborate with her on the theme of patterns, exploring and depicting nature, and its relation to mathematics and symmetry. Other participating artists are Anne Geene and Saskia Van Drimmelen. Nature * Patterns revolves around the ideas of information and hidden geometries behind what we see in nature at first glance.

Emily Joyce is a California-based artist whose paintings investigate nature, the built environment, and art history through pattern-based rhythmic abstraction. She uses interlocking geometric compositions to communicate on a level that is logical, fantastic, and humorous at the same time. “It is the stuff of our daily existence that I’m talking about in my paintings: the grid of the city, the hidden system inside one’s body, the complex symmetry of a passionflower, or the geometric harmony of a Piero della Francesca composition. We, contemporary humans, endure the stresses and benefits of the visible and invisible networks and persist in finding levity in our existence. There is an inherent beauty in these webs that underlie everything. And it’s the topsy-turvy human conditions of alienation, communion, individuality, and connectivity that makes investigations into the hidden geometries of our world so important.” — Emily Joyce.

More about the exhibition Nature * Patterns you can find here

More about Emily Joyce you can find here: Inman Gallery

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