Exhibitions — October 8, 2022

Anastasia Samoylova at Museum Helmond

As part of the exhibition Walker Evans Revisited

8 October, 2022 until 5 March, 2023

Anastasia Samoylova, Ruin of Tabby (Shell) Construction, St. Mary’s, Georgia, 2018

Walker Evans Revisited brings together three kinds of response from contemporary artists and photographers. Firstly, the continuation and extension of Evans’ ways of photographing everyday life—anonymous people, typical places, and vernacular buildings and objects. Secondly, the revisiting and re­ photographing of locations photographed by Evans. Lastly, the exhibition presents a variety of projects by artists responding very directly to particular images by Evans. These range from appropriation and collage, to re­imaginings and homage.

Walker Evans Revisited contains work by Sherrie Levine, Michael Mandiberg, Camille Fallet, Julia Curtin, Darren Harvey-Regan, Jessica Potter, James Nares, Anastasia Samoylova, Bryan Schutmaat, Patrick Pound, Ute Mahler & Werner Mahler, Stephen Shore, Mark Ruwedel, RaMell Ross, George Georgiou, Lisa Kereszi, Vanessa Winship, Cortis&Sonderegger and Walker Evans.

Museum Helmond (Kunsthal Helmond)
F.J. van Thielpark 1
5707 BX Helmond

Tuesday—Sunday: 10 am—5 pm

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