Projects — August 20, 2018

Works Maarten van Schaik part of Foam Editions

On Thursday 23 August, Foam Editions presents new works of Maarten van Schaik.
Maarten van Schaik, a long-time acquaintance of the gallery of Foam, has made two works from his most recent series of Anonymous Contacts available for sale through the gallery. Foam members and relations of Foam Editions will have the unique chance to find out more about these new Editions on Thursday evening, 23 August 6 – 7.30 pm.

During the evening photographer Maarten van Schaik will take his public into his personal story about the creation of his new series. Why is he fascinated with anonymity and loneliness? Van Schaik’s work shows similarities with Stelios Kallinikou’s work in its use of colour and landscape as a subject, but their methods differ greatly. The work of Stelios Kallinikou, the Cypriot photographer whose beautiful, enchanting images are deeply rooted in the landscape of Cyprus, has recently been exhibited at Foam 3H, and is now also part of Foam Editions.