Sofie Knijff

Based in Amsterdam, Dutch-Belgian photographer Sofie Knijff (Vilvoorde 1972) mixes documentary techniques with staged settings to create dreamlike images in which the real and fictional become difficult to distinguish. Drawing on her background as a theatrical performer, Knijff crafts dramatized simulacra that reveal unseen truths behind what is seen—realities that can be felt or intuited are illustrated as though they are real. This fascination with identity, performance, and theatricality suggests questions as to the ultimate nature of self. Who are we, and how did we become that way? What aspects of identity are a mask, and what is the truth behind them?

Her work has been published and exhibited internationally in galleries, museums and art fairs. She recently had a solo exhibition in Haus der Niederlanden in Munster (Germany), at Mariane Ibrahim gallery (US), at the Dutch Embassy in Sri Lanka and at Museum ‘t Dolhuys in Haarlem (The Netherlands). In 2017 she was nominated for the Prix Elysee in Switzerland. Her book Asnoix was nominated for the best Photobook Kassel 2015 (Germany).