Sander Foederer

The practice of Sander Foederer is centered upon the fundamental and potentially extraordinary act of perceiving the world around us. Time and light, and how they connect to inner experience, are his main areas of research. Other key themes in his work include: the aesthetics of the everyday, social geography, and art’s ability to represent the transcendent. His recent projects focus on natural phenomena and how they afect the experience of dailylife in a direct and primal way, namely within the highly structured urban environment. Ultimately his works both represent and evoke an experience and create a sense of wonder.
In the video work Sundial Sander Foederer blends documentary and artifce to disrupt the flow of urban life and offer a new vision of the everyday. While Sundial lures the viewer in with a cinematic language, it rejects the expectation of narrative. Foederer’s focus remains a visualone. This creates a series of tableau-vivants and a dreamlike space between photography and flm.
The project Mute addresses the experience of the sublime – both terrifying and ecstatic – and the ambiguity of the resulting facial expression. How big is the disparity between happiness and terror? What does this say when applied to our self-image and the era in which we live?

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