Maarten van Schaik

Since Maarten van Schaik graduated in 1997 at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam, he has developed his own unique style of Photography. His work is made during long walks in the city and its outskirts. He worked in such various places as Las Vegas, Sevilla, Bangkok, Londen, New York, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Chaos is the terrain in which he makes his best photographs. Inside the complexity of the city, he is looking for “black holes” or “non-places”, where color, light, materials, lines and strange objects play together inside the frame of his camera. He does not see his pictures as pure registration; instead he feels a strong connection with painting and music.

His work is about mood, color, atmosphere and with that, the notion of “things left behind”, or to put it in a more precise way: “things and places that remain unnoticed in our hectic, everyday lives”. This is a way of imagemaking that he has mastered and developed through the years, and he still finds himself looking for the light in an empty street and the loneliness of a broken car.

In the end he tries to stay as close as possible to his original way of thinking, which maybe defies itself best as: seeing one thing in everything and seeing everything in one thing, or: seeing the importance of the seemingly unimportant.


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