Louise te Poele

Louise te Poele (1984) is a photographer-artist who tries to capture a story from a close angle. If you look at the depicted persons, you get the feeling that you know them. There’s an admiration and compassion in her portraits: admiration for the determined will of these individuals to make the best of things, and compassion for the futility of that struggle. Her latest series are the still life series, these series were created by conflicting feelings of melancholy and abundant energy. The process of making them reminds her of how she used to crafts in her girls room when she was little. “Making monkeys hung on a transparent string in a jar. And then going to my mother and telling her, look mom the monkey floats!”
Besides her fine art, Te Poele also works as a commisioned photographer, a short list of her clients are; Royal College of Art London, ArtEZ art academy, HKU Art Academy, Vlisco textiles, Modern Museum of Art Arnhem.

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