Bas Losekoot

Bas Losekoot wants to understand people through his lens; he tries to penetrate into the inner lives of people, by taking their pictures on the street. Bas Losekoot holds a BA in Fine Art Photography from the Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague and recently graduated for an MA in Photography and Urban Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is trained by Alessandra Sanguinetti and Alex Webb at Magnum Agency. His work is exhibited widely in galleries and at festivals like. The Urban Millennium Project is published in a variety of international media like: The New Yorker, Die Zeit, Volkskrant, CNN Editions, GUP, IMA Magazine and the British Journal of Photography.
During Private life / Public space Losekoot presented a visual essay in which he provides insight in the psychological journey of commuters in modern megacities and how the fast growing population density influences the behavior of the inhabitants in these cities. Placing his camera in the liminal spaces of the city, he is addressing the state of in-between-ness of the modern urban experience. With an intuitive eye, he observes the ‘presentation of self’ and ‘micro-second meetings’ that everyday urban encounters prevail. Using a cinematic apparatus, he succeeds to capture details out of the everyday that normally remain unseen; displaying an intimate thought-provoking vision on private lives in the public domain.
This project is about the city as the center of globalized society and how it reflects on its residents. How do people react to each other in areas of overpopulation? To Losekoot street life is a continuous stream of split-second meetings.

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